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                                                                     A Principle Unit Within the Division of Student Affairs



The Pre-Hearing Conference is an informal, non-adversarial meeting between the Charged Student and the Conduct Officer. The Charging Party is not required to participate. Documentary evidence and written statements can be relied upon, so long as the Charged Student is allowed to respond to them.

a) When the Charged Student does not dispute the facts upon which the charges are based, pleads responsible to the alleged rule violations, and executes a written waiver of the hearing procedures, the Conduct Officer, shall impose an appropriate sanction. The student shall be informed in writing of the decision. In such a case, when the Charged Student accepts responsibility for violating a Code rule(s), only the sanction may be appealed.

b) In those cases in which the Charged Student contests the allegations upon which the charges are based or refuses to execute a written waiver of a hearing, a Student Conduct Hearing will resolve the allegations.

c) Failure to appear at a Pre-Hearing Conference may preclude the early resolution of the case and may require that a full hearing be held by the Hearing Board to resolve the matter.

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