Events & Lectures

Past Presentations to the Social Science Forums

Spring 2007:
Claudia Goldin, Henry Lee Professor of Economics, Harvard University
The Mullen Lecture, sponsored by the Department of Economics
“American Leadership and the Human Capital Century: Virtues of the Past"
Merna Villarejo, Professor Emerita of Microbiology, University of California, Davis
Sponsored by the NIH/Meyerhoff Evaluation Research Program
“Strengths of Using Mixed Methods in Evaluating a Minority Science Enrichment Program"

Daphne Harrison, Professor Emerita of Africana Studies, UMBC;
Angela Moorjani
Professor Emerita of Modern Languages and Linguistics, UMBC; Joan Korneman, Professor Emerita of English, UMBC; and
Claudia Lenhoff
UMBC Alumna, Executive Director of Champaign County Heath Care Consumers
25 Years of Scholarship, Activism and Teaching in Gender & Women's Studies"

Interdisciplinary Studies Mosaic Roundtable
Sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Studies Program
"If Now, What Then, If Then, What Now?: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change


Laura F. Edwards, Professor of History, Duke University
Low Lecture, sponsored by the Department of History

"Status Without Rights: African Americans and the Tangled History of Law and Governance in the Nineteenth-Century South"

Fall 2006:

Carole Levin, Willa Cather Professor of History, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
The Webb Lecture, Sponsored by the Department of History and the Center for the Humanities
"Princess Elizabeth Travels Across her Kingdom in Life, in Text, and on Stage”


Bernard Fayall, Lauren Abramson, and Bonnita Spikes, Open Society Institute Community Fellows
“Youth Mentoring, Restorative Justice, and Death Penalty Abolition: Innovations by Baltimore Community Fellows”


Thomas Schaller, Professor of Political Science, UMBC
“Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without the South”


Manning Marable, Professor of Public Affairs, Political Science, History and African-American Studies, Columbia University
The W.E.B. DuBois Lecture, sponsored by the Department of Africana Studies
“Relevance of DuBois for 21st Century Black America”


Harris Wofford, former U.S. Senator (D-Pennsylvania), and CEO of the Corporation for National Service, which administers Americorps.
4th Annual Peace Corps History Presentation, sponsored by The Shriver Center Peaceworker Program
“The Role of National Service in a Multicultural World: 
A History and Future of the Peace Corps”


David Berliner, Regents' Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Arizona State University
“High-Stakes Testing and the Corruption of Our Educators"