Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program

The Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program supports talented undergraduates aspiring to careers in service of the public interest in government, non-profit organizations, corporations, and the community. Sondheim Scholars understand and address the urgent social problems of American cities and communities through:

  • Service Learning with vulnerable populations
  • Internships in local, state, national government, non-profits, and law
  • Opportunities to complete original research or activism projects as undergraduates
  • Positive advising and mentoring guidance from faculty and staff

Featured Student: Collin Wojciechowski

Senior, Political Science Goal:
public service with government

Collinís interest in public policy and education led him to a student position on his county's Board of Education while in high school. While at UMBC Collin has served as a delegate to the University System of Maryland Student Council, the Director of the Student Government Associations Office of Government and Community Affairs and an Editor of the student newspaper, The Retriever Weekly. He has also volunteered as a coach with the Baltimore Urban Debate League and has participated in the Governor's Summer Internship Program, where he worked at the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

"I've always had a strong belief that politics can be used to help people and make their lives better. Being a Sondheim Scholar has allowed me to explore how I can do just that, not only through the classroom, but also with real life experiences on campus and in Baltimore and Annapolis."

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