Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program


Mentors and Research

Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars receive intensive advising and mentoring. Each student is treated as an individual who has unique strengths and needs. With faculty and staff assistance, Scholars are accepted at high-quality, professional graduate and law schools, compete successfully for prestigious awards, such as the Truman Scholarship, and are linked to excellent first jobs.

Faculty and Advising

The Director and Associate Director are always available for advising Scholars. All Scholars are also assisted by mentor advisors in their major fields. All of the social science and related departments help run the program through a steering committee.

Senior Year Research Project

The Public Affairs program strongly encourages students to conduct a research or activism project during their senior year. These projects serve as a capstone for the undergraduate experience, and serve as great preparation for graduate training. In the past, students have collaborated with faculty on original projects, and embarked on research projects on subjects of personal interest ranging from:

• Qualitative analysis relating to ethnicity and body image
• Urban Native American populations
• The role of the judiciary during times of crisis and war
• Pain management for children with terminal diseases
• Catholic voting behavior
• The scandal in treatment of mutual fund investors
• Academic success among African American adolescents
• How Maryland's budget process could be improved
• Nuclear proliferation in North Korea
• Resolving the Northern Ireland conflict
• Global human trafficking

There are also numerous structured research courses, including "The Research Seminar on Best Practices in Environmental Management" and "Honors Independent Study in Political Science."

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