Kendo (剣道) literally translated as “Way of the Sword” is the modern martial art of Japanese swordsmanship. Dating back to Kenjutsu, sword arts of Samurai, Kendo has now become a strong staple in modern culture. Practitioners, known as Kendoka wear Bogu, protective equipment; Men (helmet/mask), Kote (gauntlets), Do (chest protector), and Tare (waist protector). We use bamboo swords known as Shinai during practice, and Bokuto, wooden sword, for Kata practices, which are non-contact forms.

Kendo, a competitive martial art has grown beyond standard boundaries, now having participation from countries in every major region. Although everyone has different reasons for learning Kendo, the ultimate goal of Kendo is to develop an epitome of body and mind synergy via rigorous sustained practices.  Compared to other martial arts, Kendo places great emphasis on Reiho, respect and courtesy. Every practice as well as a match begins and ends with a bow. At the beginning of practice all Kendoka line up together and bow to the Dojo, Sensei, and each other. Later, practice ends in the same manner.


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