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About UMBC Club Sports

Club Sports are a recreational program designed to be an athletic alternative that bridges the gap between existing intramural and intercollegiate programs and have been established to promote and develop the interests and skills of their members. Clubs may be instructional, recreational, and/or competitive in nature. While some compete with other universities and clubs throughout the country, others may participate in local demonstrations, shows, or contests. Some clubs are individually-oriented while others are team-oriented. All club sports are student-governed by an elected board of officers.

Participation in club sports is open to all UMBC students, faculty, and staff. Clubs encourage new members, even those with little or no experience. Joining a club sport is a great way to polish skills or even learn a new sport. Some clubs are well-established and require tryouts while others welcome all who are interested. Most clubs practice on campus, while a few have facilities off campus. Contact a club if you would like more information or stop by a practice and check it out.

UMBC Club Sports do more than provide recreational and athletic activities. The key to the success of this program and each club is student leadership, interest, involvement and participation. Students are active participants in the workings of their programs. From scheduling to by-laws to managing finances, students play a major role in making the UMBC Club Sport program successful. The Club Sports Council (CSC), made up of a representative from each club sport, provides another opportunity to develop leadership skills. Students gain experience in the areas of group organization, problem-solving, budgeting, and time management. The strengths and success of club sports is dependent on the effectiveness of student leadership and the degree of involvement of the club members.

Club sports are added in response to interest and support by the student body as well as the resources available to successfully support a new program. Please see our FAQs page if you are interested in adding a new club.

I. Mission Statement:
The UMBC Club Sports Program is a recreational sports program for students, faculty and staff, designed to meet athletic needs not met by existing intramural and intercollegiate programs. The basic philosophy and key to the success of the program is the emphasis placed on participation, competition and good sportsmanship. The Club Sports program values good sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect, while giving athletes a chance to gain valuable skills through administration, competition, and leadership.

II. Purpose
The objectives of the Club Sports Program are:

  • To offer an opportunity for athletic competition and an opportunity to develop skills in specific sports.

  • To promote character growth in student-athletes, including but not limited to, integrity, respect, loyalty, teamwork, and leadership.
  • To educate student-athletes in reasonable means of displaying superior sportsmanship alongside the will to win, thus contributing to the development of University morale, loyalty, and school spirit.

  • To cultivate the skill and character growth of individuals through fulfilling competitive club sport experiences.

  • Develop leaders while engaging in community service, education and academic success.
  • To provide the use of facilities and to provide, if possible, the equipment and instruction necessary for orientation and skill development.

  • To provide a foundation for camaraderie among students, around common interests.

  • To employ coaches who are able to be professional leaders in an educational community.

  • To develop short and long-range financial plans consistent with and supportive of the overall program objectives determined by the Athletic Department.



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