Natalia Skorikova 2011 World Champion

Every year, people from all over the world compete at Nationals in their respective sports, in hopes of going on to compete for their nation at the World's most prestigious competition. In Ballroom dance, the highest level one can compete at is the champion professional level and the most prestigious event is called 10-dance, which means each competitor has to win top marks in 10 different dances before they are awarded a score and compared to other competitors. This past October, UMBC's Ballroom Dance Instructor, Natalia Skorikova, and her dance partner Nikolai Pilipenchuk, represented the USA and became the youngest couple from America (both 25 at the time) to take 1st place at World's (World Dance Council Competition) in International Champion Professional level 10-dance. This means Natalia is currently ranked #1 in the world and UMBC students can take classes with her on our campus, at University subsidized prices!!