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UMBC Ice Hockey Volunteers With Baltimore Stars Youth Hockey

In the spirit of the holidays, the UMBC Men's Ice Hockey team decided to volunteer their time to help the Baltimore Stars Youth Hockey team last month. "It's actually a lot of fun," says Junior Captain Nik Jost.  Nik, along with three other players (Sr. Justin Rothchild, Jr. Dan Durantaye and Jr. Justin Stewart) showed up to help out at a Baltimore Stars Youth Hockey (BYH) Mite practice.  Many players on the team have expressed interest in helping coach local youth players.  With this year's schedule being light on Friday games, it provided a perfect fit for the guys to help out with the BYH Friday evening practices.

The BYH players were visibly excited to see the UMBC players on the ice with them, wearing their UMBC gold helmets.  Each UMBC player took a station at the practice, and provided extra-personalized instruction for the up-and-coming players.  Justin Stewart helped players with their shooting, while Durantaye and Rothchild worked on stick handling and Captain Nik Jost worked on small game drills.

"This is a great learning experience for both the kids and our [UMBC] guys," said Head Coach Aaron Voegtli.  "The youth players are getting a chance to work with really great hockey players, and our guys are getting a chance to give back (and see what it's like to coach).  Who knows, maybe some of these kids will play for UMBC some day!"

For more information on the UMBC Ice Hockey program visit the team's web site at:



Natalia Skorikova 2011 World Champion

Every year, people from all over the world compete at Nationals in their respective sports, in hopes of going on to compete for their nation at the World's most prestigious competition. In Ballroom dance, the highest level one can compete at is the champion professional level and the most prestigious event is called 10-dance, which means each competitor has to win top marks in 10 different dances before they are awarded a score and compared to other competitors. This past October, UMBC's Ballroom Dance Instructor, Natalia Skorikova, and her dance partner Nikolai Pilipenchuk, represented the USA and became the youngest couple from America (both 25 at the time) to take 1st place at World's (World Dance Council Competition) in International Champion Professional level 10-dance. This means Natalia is currently ranked #1 in the world and UMBC students can take classes with her on our campus, at University subsidized prices!!


UMBC Men's and Women's Club Volleyball Fundraiser

On Thursday, November 10, the men’s and women’s club volleyball teams came together to host a tournament fundraiser open to the entire campus. Teams of four to six players were formed and came out to play a fun, recreational night of volleyball. There was a lot of good competition and everyone had a great time playing. Congratulations to the “UMBC Football Team” who came in first after a long night of competitive volleyball! The fundraiser made more than $300 and the money will be used to help get both of the club teams to Nationals in the spring. The teams would like to thank everyone who participated and the fans that came out to cheer on their friends.


Running Club Results from the UMBC Turkey Trot

UMBC Running Club had a good showing at the UMBC Turkey Trot this year. Of the 7 athletes that competed, three of them placed in the top three in their category. Conner McIntyre and Robbie Oehrli finished second and third respectively each setting a new Personal Best. They said that they worked together throughout the race, pushing each other, in order to break their times from the Dog Chase in October. Their results surpassed expectations, running 16:54 and 16:57 respectively. Robbie also finished second in his local 5k on Thanksgiving, running 17:38.

Kim Daniels won the women's division for the Turkey Trot, finishing with a time of 22:59. At the start of the race she did not have any expectations of winning the race or finishing with that kind of time. She said "I didn't believe the guys when they said I won at the end of the race. I just wanted to
see what sort of time I could make since it was my first race. As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised". Once she crossed the finish line she was also surprised to hear that she had won a fourteen pound turkey for being the top female finisher.

Men's Ultimate Frisbee DC Fall Championships

Written by Greg LeFever

It was a cold November morning. Booya woke bright and early to journey to Fairfax, Virginia. Their quest? To match their skills against some of the most competitive teams in the Maryland area. The day quickly turned into a beautiful November weekend. The first game ends 15-4 American.

Booya learns from the mistakes of the first game and comes out much stronger against Hopkins in their next game. Austin and Ronny the Bear
step up their deep game and get skies (jumping above others) for points. Jerry gets bookends. Chad bobbles a disk in the endzone but
snatches it before it can be D’d. And Doug shows how boss he is by getting his first Callahan! (interception in opponent's endzone) Booya
could not pull ahead of Hopkins and loses 15-12. The next game against Navy is hard fought. Roby and Carlos get sweet layout (diving) catches. Dan owns a point. Atom has a sweet layout D. PJ hucks ("Hail Mary" pass) like a champ. Zach gets an awesome D in the endzone. However, Navy’s athleticism and height are more than Booya can handle. The game goes to Navy 15-7.

Their last game of the day was against Mary Washington. Booya is tried, but they still give it their all. Atom gets another layout D. Window shuts down the dump (back-up handler), getting a D. Yuval and Ted make awesome cuts for points. Mary Washington was out of Booya’s
grasp. The last game of the day ends in Mary Washington’s favor, 15-7.

Day 2 graces Booya with another wonderful November day. Catholic is Booya’s first match-up for the day. Booya comes out strong and puts up
3 points to Catholic’s 1. Old men Dong and Greggles show the youngsters their wisdom by handle weaving the disc all over the field.
Fight Master Chris runs Catholic into the ground, getting open all day. Catholic pulls back later in the game and wins 15-9.

Booya’s next opponent, GMU, turns out to be a team of ruffians. Zach throws a huck worthy of club nationals to Yuval for a point. And Renzo
claims the skies as his own, D-ing more GMUers than can be counted. GMUs rough play is more than Booya can take though. GMU takes the game
15-7. The last game of the day is a rematch against Hopkins. Booya is at a disadvantage though, having only 11 players as opposed to day 1’s 17.
Booya gives this game all they have left. Carlos skies 2 people in the endzone, and Ted has an amazing layout catch. But Hopkins comes out on
top, winning 13-9.

The weekend didn’t go as well as hoped. But Booya has learned and improved a great deal. Each of the rookies, and even the vets, have
begun to find their bearings in the sport and are taking on larger responsibilities. With more training over the winter we are sure to
show what we are truly made of in the spring.


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