HR Paperwork

Payroll Processing Guidelines for “NEW” Employees

NEW” employees (those without an assigned UMBC employee ID number) must complete and submit ALL of the following forms and supporting documents.  Once we receive your Faculty/Staff Pre-Hire form (see STEP I below), a contract will be generated and mailed to you for your signature.  You will also receive an automated email with your campus ID and directions for creating an email account and accessing Blackboard.  For faster processing, we recommend completing and returning the Faculty/Staff Pre-Hire form first, then completing STEP II separately.

Failure to provide these documents in a timely manner may result in payroll processing delays.

STEP I:  1) Faculty/Staff Pre-Hire Form - Complete the Personal Data Section and return this form ASAP to your

                  point of contact.

STEP II:  1) W-4 FormComplete in BLACK INK, Sign and Date  (NOTE:  If the W-4 form is not completed in black                   ink, it will be returned.) "Worksheet Instructions for Maryland Withholdings" (W-4 forms)

                   - DC Residents: use a DCW4 form
                   - West Virginia Residents: use a WVW4 form

               2) I-9 FormComplete Section 1, Sign and Date
                   Include copies of supporting documents from either List A or List B and C as required on the I-9                                     Form.  See attached list of acceptable documents.     

               3) Social Security number verification is REQUIRED.  Unless you are providing your Social Security card  

                   to satisfy the required document from List C above, you are still required to provide verification of your
                   Social Security number.  Important Note:  if you are unable to provide a copy of your Social Security card,
one of the following may be submitted as an alternative:

                     - W2 Form
                     - Health Care Card (with YOUR SSN included)
                     - Pay Stub (with SSN included)
                     - Military ID card (with SSN included)
                     - College Transcript (with SSN included)


                4) Personnel Supplemental Data Information Form - Complete, Sign and Date

                5) Substance Abuse Acknowledgement Policy - Read the policy and then sign and submit the signature
                    sheet below.

                6) Substance Abuse Signature Sheet - Sign and Date

                7) Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) - Read the policy and then sign and                                   submit the acknowledgment form (see below).

                8) CHIP Acknowledgment Form - Sign and Date

These forms are also available on campus in the Office of Human Resources, Academic Departments, Office of Summer & Winter Programs, and in Continuing and Professional Studies.


For International Employees:

Citizenship Status Form:  The Citizenship Status Form is necessary for the purpose of determining your U.S. Federal income tax withholding status.

Other forms may be needed in order to process your payroll and HR Paperwork.  For more information please visit UMBC's Office of Human Resources or contact Ms. Linda Jones-Shern at