Accelerated Pathways Program – Combined BA/MAT Program

This program is designed for undergraduate students who decide as seniors that they want to teach in the K-12 schools.  They have the opportunity to earn Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degrees with teaching certifications at either the early childhood, elementary, or secondary levels.  Special Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs exist for students interested in teaching at either the elementary or secondary levels. There are also scholarship programs available for MAT students.  Interested students should ask admission advisors about available scholarship opportunities.

How does the BA/MAT Accelerated Pathways Program work?

For undergraduates at UMBC who are interested in earning a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree, the BA/MAT Accelerated Pathways Program allows them, in their senior year, to begin taking graduate level courses in the MAT program and apply these credits toward the MAT degree.  The MAT degree requires 36 course credits, which include a full-year, 6 credit-hour internship in a K-12 school.

Once accepted into the BA/MAT Accelerated Pathways Program, students may take up to three MAT graduate level courses as undergraduates and are allowed to transfer up to nine graduate credits into the MAT program.  The students are charged undergraduate tuition rates for the graduate courses taken in their senior year.  Students earning these nine graduate credits as undergraduates save money and have a head start in completing the BA/MAT program.

How do Students interested in Science and Math Education Qualify and Apply for Combined BA/MAT Accelerated Pathways Program?

  • Be highly motivated to use their talents to teach children in K-12 school
  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 to be considered for admission to the Accelerated Pathways Program BA/MAT program
  • Be in their senior year or in their last semester of their junior year to be considered for admission 
  • Plan an initial admission interview with a BA/MAT advisor to go over application process, review undergraduate coursework, complete necessary admission paperwork, and plan courses of study for MAT completion
  • Schedule an appointment with Rehana (410-455-1736) - if they have undergraduate backgrounds in any Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) discipline/degree program and are interested in either elementary or secondary teaching

Note: Students with an undergraduate background in disciplines/degree programs other than STEM and are interested in either early childhood, elementary, or secondary teaching should contact Dr. Vickie (410-455-2327) for an admission interview.