UMBC’s teacher education programs lead students to eligibility to become certified as highly qualified teachers in Maryland and many other states. It is our goal to develop teachers who are caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, skilled and responsive to children, their families and the community.

It is estimated that the U.S. will need 2 million new teachers by 2010. The Maryland State Department of Education’s Teacher Shortage Task Force issued a report in June 2008 confirming that Maryland “faces a crisis in staffing all of its classrooms with qualified and effective teachers.” The report continues in observing, “virtually all of our societal endeavors, including the practice of all other occupations, depend upon an adequate supply of well-prepared, competent teachers.”

As an additional commitment to assisting in filling this shortage and improving the quality of teacher education across the STEM fields, we offer the following links to local, regional and federal resources.

Employment Resources
Maryland School Systems
Pennsylvania School Systems
Virginia School Systems
Teach for America
Archdiocese of Baltimore
Archdiocese of Washington
AIMS Education Foundation