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Ballroom Dance Classes at UMBC

UMBC Ballroom Dance club offers a variety of ballroom dance classes. Anyone can take classes through the UMBC Ballroom Dance Club, both students and non-students alike. The classes that are offered next semester are shown below.

You do NOT need a partner to take our dance classes. Partners will be changed frequently; you will dance with everyone in the class. This provides a range of experience with different leaders or followers, not to mention a good opportunity to become acquainted with your classmates!

Rubber-soled shoes are discouraged, as are mules, platforms, and heavy soles. The best type of shoe to begin with would be close-toed dress shoes, as those designed specifically for dancing tend to be an expensive choice for beginners. If you're interested in purchasing ballroom shoes, see The Promenade's shoe guide.

Clothing for the class can be anything that allows you to move freely and comfortably.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for classes, come to any of the first 3 sessions of the class that you are trying to take. The classes must be paid up front because all money goes directly to the instructors.

Alternatively, you can sign up by e-mailing us at At the beginning of each semester, we host what we call a Jam Session in the Commons building on Mainstreet. It's a gathering at which we offer several free dance lessons and answer any ballroom questions you might have. If you sign up there, you'll receive an e-mail on how to get discounts to classes we offer this semester.

We accept cash or check, filled out to the UMBC Ballroom Dance Club.


Please check the schedule for lesson availability.

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