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Jam Session!

At the beginning of every semester there's a free lesson called the Jam Session. The Jam Session is a gathering where we offer several free dance lessons, perform some dance demos, and we answer any ballroom related questions you might have. When you sign up there, it is the same as pre-registering for a class, which means you can get the $5 discount on classes┬╣ you sign up for, that night. Payment for classes will still take place on the first day of class, during the actual registration.

People who Pre-Register have a significantly shorter registration time than people who wait to register at the door.

The Fall 2014 Jam Session is scheduled for:

Date: Wednesday, September 10th, 7 pm - 9 pm,
Location: Mainstreet in Commons

Get ready for fun, cause we are bringing it to you, free of charge!


  ┬╣ Salsa and Bachata classes have a flat fee of $30. No further discounts can be applied to this amount.

For more information on our Jam Session instructor, please see Don Herron's Bio.

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