Freedom Alliance was created in 1995 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Over the course of ten years, it has grown from a fledgling organization to an organization with over 100 members, a great office space, and increased UMBC support. Freedom Alliance continues to work to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender students, faculty, and staff and all allies.

Freedom Alliance was once home to a Gender Variance Support Group, a group which met several times a month to discuss a variety of issues and topics related to gender and also to plan educational programming for the campus community.

Over the summer of 2007, we completed the move to a new space, leaving our home in the basement of Sondheim Hall for a new one in the University Center. The plans were to have the new space renovated so there would be room for everyone; unfortunately, this did not happen as planned that summer.

Over the summer of 2008, our office was finally renovated. Construction started May 27, 2008. We kept the desk area of 201E for the computer, bookshelves, and storage, but the walls separating 201C and the closet from the hallway and each other were removed and a door was installed on the main hallway.

This year there should be enough room to meet regularly in our own office, and we will hopefully have a more comfortable atmosphere. Whatever the location, Freedom Alliance will retain the characteristics that make it great: confidentiality; fun, informative, and effective political and social programming; and amazing and hardworking members.

Throughout the fall semester we will continue to repair, replace, and refurnish things in the office as needed. We are working with SGA to acquire funding to reupholster the sofa and pillows, and to get new chairs, floor seating, and a futon. If you have any equipment, furniture, books, or decorations you'd like to donate, contact the board or bring them to the office during office hours or before a meeting.