The UMBC Go Club shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the University of Maryland Baltimore Countyís House of Organizations and Student Government Association, as well as to the president of the University and his/her designees.


Article I

The UMBC Go club has been established for the expressed purpose of providing an organization for which people can enjoy playing the game of Go and so that strong Go competitors can have a club from which he/she can participate in national tournaments.


Article II

            The UMBC Go club is affiliated with:

1.      Baltimore Go Club

2.      American Go Association

3.      College Park Go club


Article III

            The qualifications for membership are as follows:


            Section A: Membership is open to any persons who:

A)    Are an enrolled University student and/or

B)     Have an interest in the game of Go and/or

C)    Have an interest in the applications of Go in their field


Section B: Membership in the UMBC Go club may not be denied because of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, disabled veteran or veteran, national origin or religion.


Section C: Membership can be suspended by any officer for the following offenses:

A)    dishonorable game play

B)     not treating others with respect during game play

C)    disruptive behavior during game play or other club events


Section D: Membership can be permanently suspended, by majority decision of the executive committee described in Article IV, for the duration of a year for repeated offenses described above or for cheating during any officially sponsored tournament.


Article IV

Section A: The officers of the UMBC Go Club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The officers along with the two highest ranked Go players (determined at the times of elections) of the club shall comprise the Executive committee.




Section B: The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

1)      President

a.       Any and all Administrative tasks related to the SGA

b.      The organization or rooms in which members can play

2)      Vice President

a.       Will handle all of the duties of the President in his or her absence

b.      The creation of any desired event by the member body

3)      Secretary

a.       Will manages all of the paperwork for the club, as well as keeps records of the member body (player ranks, tournament signups, etc.)

4)      Treasurer

a.       The procurement of all necessary materials for the club

b.      The management of club funds


Section C: The term of office shall be from the first week of school (last week of August / first week of September) to the first week of school of the next term


Section D: Election of officers shall be held fall of each year. At least 2 weeks notice will be given before the election meeting.  Nomination shall be initiated from the floor and elections by ballot. The person receiving majority vote will be elected.


Article V Ė Faculty Advisor

a)      The faculty advisor shall remain until a majority vote rules in favor of a new faculty advisor and one will be selected from those with interest in the club.

b)      The faculty advisorís duties are to advise the club on school policies and to serve as the final word on any conflicts from within the executive committee.


Article VI

There will be weekly meetings for the member body to play Go, and monthly meetings for the executive committee as well as interested members to discuss club business.


Article VII

Finances will be handled by the Executive committee and all purchases must be approved by said committee.


Article VIII

Amendments can be introduced by anyone in the club, and those not violating any university policy will be voted upon and passed with a 2/3rdís vote.