Information Systems Council of Majors

ISCOM provides a unique experience in which students are able to enrich their knowledge of the IT world through corporate and community interaction, professional workshops, tutoring, group discussions, community service, and various other activities.

There are numerous opportunities for students to network with corporate professionals in order to explore career opportunities and enhance their learning experience beyond the classroom. We promote academic excellence, professional development, and leadership development for undergraduate students as preparation for the rigors that they will face at corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures in the 21st century.

We would enjoy having you come join us at a meeting. Join the group on MyUMBC too. Let's talk Information Systems, your journey through the degree program and team up to fight panda ninjas (they're actually quite dangerous). Oh yeah... we have Twitter and Facebook too - follow us in order to stay up to date. See you at our next meeting!