About Us

Here is the profile of J-Club's officers and staff members.

Momoka Watanabe – President
Favorite Things about Japan: Food, fashion, and work ethics
Favorite Word in Japanese: 以心伝心 (ishin denshin) – Understanding without words
Favorite Japanese Food: Raw fish (sushi, sashimi, kaisendon), umeboshi, saba no misoni
Major: Psychology, Sociology
Message: "Hajimemashite! Nice to meet you everyone! I am very glad that we were finally able to establish Japanese Culture Club at UMBC ! J-Club is NOT exclusive to Japanese students on campus, rather to share, enjoy, and promote Japanese culture with anyone who has interest in Japan both within and beyond UMBC community. I am so excited to plan fun events and introduce "authentic taste of Japan" to you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, and concerns you would like to address! I am looking forward to seeing you at our events!"

Ryan – Vice President
Favorite Things about Japan: Music
Favorite Word in Japanese: 女王 (jyou) – Queen
Favorite Japanese Food: Chicken Katsu
Major: Double Major in Japanese Studies and International Affairs
Message: "A big thank you to the UMBC community for so graciously accepting our club last year. We hope to really blossom as a student organization this year and to really work to bring the fun and excitement of Japan to our campus."

Caity Smallcomb – Event Assistant
Favorite Things about Japan: Japanese mythology, art, traditions and food.
Favorite Word in Japanese: 旨味 (Umami) – The fifth flavor
Favorite Japanese Food: Udon or Eel maki.
Major: Economics
Message: "I hope that together we can make a really great club! We love input so always feel free to suggest ideas for events or anything really! Looking forward to another semester of J-club."

Christopher Lee – Secretary
Favorite Things about Japan: Food, art, friendly atmosphere and scenery, Anime, imported games (stuff you could never hope to find in America)
Favorite Word in Japanese: 椿 (Tsubaki) – Camellia
Favorite Japanese Food: Shio ramen, katsudon, curry udon, and everything with bread and fish! Major: Biology
Message: "Let's make J-club one for the history books and work our way to JSA because it is loooooong overdue. "

Mary Igoe – Treasurer
Favorite Things about Japan: The Language is fun to learn.
Favorite Word in Japanese: 分かりません (Wakarimasen) – To not understand.
Favorite Japanese Food: Gyoza
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Message: "If there's any events you think we should have let me know! I hope we can have a great year!"

Kazutomo Terada – J-Club Mascot
Favorite Things about Japan: Food
Favorite Word in Japanese: TBD
Favorite Japanese Food: Unagi and Hiroshima Fu Okonomiyaki
Major: Political Science (Foreign Policy Focused)
Message: "来たれ、若者。"

Jason Corallo – Assistant Webmaster
Favorite Things about Japan: Music, Anime, culture
Favorite Word in Japanese: 愛 (ai) – Love
Favorite Japanese Food: Unagi donburi, Unagi kabayaki
Major: Information Systems
Message: "I am a graduate student from UMBC and also the president of The Maryland Japanese + English Language Club also known as Project.E. Although busy, I do my best to meet with J-Club and support their mission."