2013-2014 Officers

President Haley Sweeton
Vice President Eric Yeh
Treasurer Donald Hong
Secretary/Webmaster Gloria Ngo


Phil VanDenBerghe 3-Dan
Ken Wakabayashi, Ph.D. 2-Dan

Active members

Megan Kirk 2-Dan
Mirsaid Parmanov 2-Dan
Christopher Lee 1-Dan
Christopher Nam 1-Kyu
Ying-Chuan Chang 2-Kyu
Jason Lee 3-Kyu
Kevin Chen 3-Kyu
Yongseok Chang 3-Kyu
Brittney Kramer 4-Kyu
Eric Yeh 4-Kyu
Haley Sweeton 4-Kyu
Ye Sol Yun 4-Kyu
Andrew Hinman
Andrew Konsowski
Colin Brown
Donald Hong
Emma Dawson
Ethan Hein
Gary Eurice
Gloria Ngo
Steven Nam

This list is updated every month. Members that attend minimum of one practice per week are considered to be active member. Only active members are eligible to vote, run for officer positions, and get discounts from the store through the club.