who we are...

Mark Eisenbrey

Mark Eisenbrey portrait Mark Eisenbrey portrait
  • Hometown Fort Washington, MD
  • Position Brotherhood
  • Major Mechanical Engineering
  • e-mail mark9@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent Rebuilding garbage houses. You're welcome, Hoffman.

W. Andrew Gotsch a.k.a. DJ APOC

W. Andrew Gotsch portrait W. Andrew Gotsch portrait
  • Hometown Ellicott City, MD
  • Major Chemical Engineering
  • e-mail G18@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent Me-stay-in-school-long-time!

Robert Hite a.k.a. Bobby

Robert Hite portrait Robert Hite portrait
  • Hometown Ellicott City, MD
  • Position Social Chair, Sports Chair
  • Major Computer Science
  • e-mail rhite1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent Building custom kernels. Please, v2.4 and higher only!! ... and that's being considerate of me...

I'm from Columbia, MD and have held many leadership positions in the Fraternity including Alpha and Beta. I will be graduating this spring and have had a great time with Phi Kappa Sigma. It's going to be hard to leave.

Eddie Hui a.k.a. Edwin

Eddie Hui portrait Eddie Hui portrait
  • Hometown Silver Spring, MD
  • Position Fundraising
  • Major Information Systems, Chemistry (minor)
  • e-mail eddie_hui@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent A little bit of art

I'm from Montgomery Country (MoCo!). During my second semester, I pledged Phi Kappa Sigma and I couldn't have found a better group to know. They've given me a lot of support and has gotten me through school. I'm excited to be graduating this Spring. I'm hoping to come back for graduate school.

Josh O'Keeffe a.k.a. Nutz

Josh O'Keeffe portrait Josh O'Keeffe portrait
  • Hometown Pasadena, MD
  • Position MCS
  • Major Information Systems
  • e-mail jokeeff1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent I'm Beautiful

Born in Glen Burnie and moved to Pasadena where I still live today. I have All-American status in freestyle wrestling and wrestled 3 years in high school. Now I'm at UMBC having the time of my life. Especially since I joined Phi Kappa Sigma! I love to snowboard and go boating in the summer. That is all.

Dan Stavrou a.k.a. Hummer

Dan Stavrou portrait Dan Stavrou portrait
  • Hometown Bloomfield, NJ
  • Position Delta
  • Major Information Systems
  • Phone 443-928-6041
  • e-mail dan15@umbc.edu
  • AIM umbcskullz1850
  • Hidden Talent Soul Crushing, Anger, Juicing

Hummmmmmm, let's see. I'z Jersey born, been in MD for a while though. Also, I want everyone to know for the last time already if anyone asks, I am not a terrorist! ... but you never know. Oh, and I'm cooler than all you guys.

Micah O'Shaughnessy

Micah O'Shaughnessy portrait Micah O'Shaughnessy portrait
  • Hometown Jarrettsville, MD
  • Position Iota, Alumni Chair
  • Major Environmental Science
  • e-mail Micaho1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent Survivalist

You all will see... you will see soon enough.

Brandon Bobal a.k.a. Betty

Brandon Bobal portrait Brandon Bobal portrait
  • Hometown Forest Hill, MD
  • Position Alpha
  • Major Chemistry
  • e-mail B40@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent Lunch Ladies

Came to UMBC in Fall '05. Joined Phi Kappa Sigma in Fall '06 Best Decision Ever!

Jeffery Hayter a.k.a. Jeff

Jeffery Hayter portrait Jeffery Hayter portrait
  • Hometown Hagerstown, MD
  • Position Tau, Pi
  • Major Political Science, Mathematics
  • e-mail hay1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent PoolShark

Hi. I love C. I hate MATLAB.

Patrick Hart a.k.a. Project Pat

Patrick Hart portrait Patrick Hart portrait
  • Hometown Pasadena, MD
  • Position Beta, IFC Chair
  • Major Mechanical Engineering
  • e-mail phart2@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent I play goalie for soccer

First of all, my email spells fart. Just thought I'd throw that out there!! I'm from the Dena. I've played soccer in H.S. and continue to play into college. That's pretty much it.

Brett Marion

Brett Marion portrait Brett Marion portrait
  • Hometown Derwood, MD
  • Position Sigma, Formal Chair
  • Major Biology
  • e-mail bmarion1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent I'm a level 70 Warlock in World of Warcraft. Wow. I can't believe I just typed that.

I'm going to be a Biology teacher. And my major is Biology. What a perfect match! :)

Christopher Troyer a.k.a. Troooooooyyyyeeerrrrr

Christopher Troyer portrait Christopher Troyer portrait
  • Hometown Pasadena, MD
  • Position Historian
  • Major Mechanical Engineering
  • e-mail ctroyer1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent Longboarding

I'm for Real Real, not for Play Play.

Sean Reeser a.k.a. Quagmire

Sean Reeser portrait Sean Reeser portrait
  • Hometown Severna Park, MD
  • Position Philanthropy
  • Major CMSC. Otherwise known as the greatest major ever. Ever. Seriously.
  • e-mail sreeser1@umbc.edu
  • Hidden Talent I'm a genius. Why are you asking me this??? Seriously. You saw my major, yeah?

Went to Severna Park High School. Came to UMBC in Fall '07. I love UMBC. Seriously.