Choosing a Research Direction

Main Speakers: Dr. Matthias Gobbert, Ms. Melania Moldovan, Dr. John Zweck.

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Event Summary

This was our event to kick off the Graduate Student Seminar Series of Spring 2009. Main topics were:
  • Thought process in deciding your area of interest for research
  • What to consider when choosing your mentor
  • Development of the professional relationship between the student and their mentor
Dr. John Zweck began the event with a discussion of issues to consider when choosing a research advisor. Highlights include what the advisor does for you and how to find one. A hand out given to supplement the discussion can be found at his page linked above.

Dr. Matthias Gobbert continued the discussion with how to approach potential research advisors and what questions to ask.

Ms. Melania Moldovan concluded the event by sharing her experiences with her current research advisor, Dr. Muddapa Gowda.


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