First Annual Howard County Math Festival

Event Summary

Note This event is now featured on the siam website. The event picture is now used on one of The Join SIAM 2015 Brochures.

On Wednesday January 29th, Centennial High School held the first annual Howard County Math Festival. Dr. Jeff Sieracki, President of the SIAM Washington-Baltimore Section, had the opportunity to organize a presentation for this event which illustrated various every day occurrences that could be modeled using mathematics. SIAM Student Chapter members from UMBC (Jonathan S. McHenry, Zana Coulibaly, Cherre Jefferson) and students from UMCP (Stefan Doboszczak, Stephanie Young) volunteered to join Dr Sieracki in order to promote mathematics by sharing our experiences as young mathematicians. We were fortunate to be in attendance and enjoyed conversing with other math lovers of all ages as well as interacting with the SIAM members from UMCP. However, the fun did not stop there. Not only did the SIAM student chapter members have the opportunity to interact with plenty of eager k-12 students but we were also surrounded by other representatives who were equally STEM-passionate. Various companies, organizations and University departments such as statisticians from the Baltimore Orioles, the UMBC Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Kumon were also in attendance. Some of the presentations included learning what prime number your name is, the statistics of baseball, mathematical poetry, the intersection between animation and mathematics, mathematics education, and the list goes on. This event had a great turn out and students got the opportunity to witness first hand that math is more than just manipulating numbers with algebra.

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