SIAM End of Grad School Workshop: How to Gracefully Transition from Grad School to a Career

Event Summary

On October 17th 2012. The UMBC SIAM Student Chapter hosted a panel discussion on how to gracefully transition from grad school to a career. The speakers are Dr. Bradford Peercy and Dr. Kofi Adragni of UMBC's Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Diane Crump-Fogle, a career specialist from UMBC's career center. Each spoke for about 10 minutes, sharing their experience with the graduate students. Following their speech, was a panel discussion with feedback from the graduate student audience. The faculty members discussed topics of interest and focused more on posdoc, academic, or national lab jobs, while Ms. Fogle provided advice for industrial job seekers. Free lunch was provided.

Speakers: Dr. Bradford Peercy, Dr. Kofi Adragni and Diane Crump-Fogle


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