Responsible conduct in research. October 19th 2011.

Main Speaker: Dr. Alen Alexanderian (former UMBC Chapter President).

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Event Summary

Dr. Alen Alexanderian (our former Chapter president and current post-doc at Johns Hopkins University) put together a talk where he discussed responsible conducts and ethics in research. The presentation (whose slides can be found in the section below) was also based on a SIAM published article Professional Ethics: Taking the High Road. The article (which will soon be available online through SIAM website) can be found in the SIAM News, Volume 44, Number 8 of October 2011.
Prior to talk, Dr. Minkoff (our former faculty advisor) introduced Dr. Shen who graciously agreed to take over as faculty advisor of the chapter. Dr. Minkoff advises, expertise, and enthusiam helped found the UMBC SIAM student chapter in 2008 and with her guidance, multiple successful professional development events were able to be held.


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Event Material

  • Presentation Slides by Dr. Alen Alexanderian pdf format.
  • Careers in Math Sciences columns archived by SIAM can be found here.
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