Other 2012 Events

  • On February 29th, we held a discussion on strategies and techniques for technical writing led by Dr. Thomas Seidman and Dr. Bimal Sinha. This session addressed questions such as what is the typical process of review, and offered advice on stylistic aspects like how to structure a paper and to ensure that it is readable.

  • On Februray 24th, Dr. Nathan Cahill from Rochester Institute of Technology was the speaker in the applied mathematics colloquium. Dr. Nathan also attended the Math/Stat Social Hour where he was able to interact with graduate students.

  • On April 18th we held a professional development seminar focused on career opportunities in Mathematics and Statistics. Two speakers, Mr. Ben Cudia, from the National Security Agency, and Mrs. Sabira Vohra, who is a Senior Career Consultant from the UMBC Career Services Center, provided very useful information on how to search for a job as well as what questions one should ask a prospective employer. Lunch was provided at the end of the session, which gave students an opportunity to ask additional questions.

  • In late April, our SIAM chapter also participated in the 3rd Mid-Atlantic Regional Student Conference at Shippensburg University by contributing the design of the flyer advertising the conference. Zana Coulibaly, Webmaster of the SIAM Student Chapter at UMBC, was presented with the SIAM Certificate of Recognition for his dedicated work with the student chapter from its inception.

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