Archive of Workshop and Events

2014 Events

Professional Development Seminar with Dr. Don Engel, Assistant VP for research. October 15th 2014.

SIAM Annual Meeting (AN16) July 11-15, 2016. The Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, Massachusetts.

How to Start a Business May 7th 2014.

Pi Day Social at University of Maryland, Baltimore County March 14 th 2014 (3/14/2014).

SIAM Professional Development Seminar and Brunch March 12th 2014.
Speaker: Dr. Bimal Sinha

First Annual Howard County Math Festival January 29th 2014.

2013 Events

How to Conduct a Literature Review November 16th 2013.

Distinguished Speaker Networking Event April 5th 2013.
Dr. Daniel Szyld

SIAM Chapter Latex Tutorial for Math & Stat Students April 3rd 2013.
Presnted by: Jonathan McHenry, Zois Boukouvalas, and Peter Liton.

2012 Events

SIAM End of Grad School Workshop: How to Gracefully Transition from Grad School to a Career October 17th 2012.
Speakers: Dr. Bradford Peercy, Dr. Kofi Adragni and Diane Crump-Fogle

Professional Development Session: Strategies and Techniques for Technical Writing February 29th 2012.
Speakers: Dr. Thomas Seidman and Dr. Bimal Sinha

Distinguished Speaker Networking Event April 24th 2012.

Career Opportunities in Mathematics and Statistics April 18th 2012.
Speakers: Mr. Ben Cudia and Mrs. Sabira Vohra

3rd Mid-Atlantic Regional Student Conference at Shippensburg April 3rd 2012.

2011 Events

Responsible Conduct in Research October 19th 2011.

How to Give a Talk February 21st 2011.
Speakers: Dr. Suri & Dr. Minkoff.

2010 Events

How to Study for Qualifying Exams November 10th 2010.
Discussion facilitators: Drs. Gowda, Zweck, and Roy.

USA Science and Engineering Festival October 24th 2010.

2010 SIAM Annual Meeting July 12th--16th 2010.

How to Make a Research Poster March 3rd 2010.
Speakers: Dr. Hoffman & Dr. Rostamian.

1st Chesapeake SIAM Student Chapter Conference April 27th 2010.
SIAM President Douglas Arnold's visit.

2009 Events

Technical Writing November 18th 2009
Speaker: Ms. Sonja Follett.

How To Succeed In Grad School September 23rd 2009
Speaker: Dr. Renetta Tull.

Writing a CV/Resume April 1st 2009
Speaker: Dr. Susan Minkoff.

Choosing A Research Direction, February 11th 2009
Speakers: Dr. Matthias Gobbert, Ms. Melania Moldovan, Dr. John Zweck.

Joint Mathematics Meetings (AMS), January 9th 2009

2008 Event

Career Development, November 12th 2008
Speakers: Dr. Justin Newcomer and Dr. Bradford Peercy.

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