Archive of Workshop and Events

2015 Events

SIAM Professional Development March 12th 2015.

SIAM/MSGSA π Day March 13rd 2015.

2014 Events

2nd Howard County Math Festival November 18th 2014.

Professional Development Seminar with Dr. Don Engel, Assistant VP for research. October 15th 2014.

SIAM Annual Meeting (AN16) July 11-15, 2016. The Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, Massachusetts.

How to Start a Business May 7th 2014.

Pi Day Social at University of Maryland, Baltimore County March 14 th 2014 (3/14/2014).

SIAM Professional Development Seminar and Brunch March 12th 2014.
Speaker: Dr. Bimal Sinha

First Annual Howard County Math Festival January 29th 2014.

2013 Events

How to Conduct a Literature Review November 16th 2013.

Distinguished Speaker Networking Event April 5th 2013.
Dr. Daniel Szyld

SIAM Chapter Latex Tutorial for Math & Stat Students April 3rd 2013.
Presnted by: Jonathan McHenry, Zois Boukouvalas, and Peter Liton.

2012 Events

SIAM End of Grad School Workshop: How to Gracefully Transition from Grad School to a Career October 17th 2012.
Speakers: Dr. Bradford Peercy, Dr. Kofi Adragni and Diane Crump-Fogle

Professional Development Session: Strategies and Techniques for Technical Writing February 29th 2012.
Speakers: Dr. Thomas Seidman and Dr. Bimal Sinha

Distinguished Speaker Networking Event April 24th 2012.

Career Opportunities in Mathematics and Statistics April 18th 2012.
Speakers: Mr. Ben Cudia and Mrs. Sabira Vohra

3rd Mid-Atlantic Regional Student Conference at Shippensburg April 3rd 2012.

2011 Events

Responsible Conduct in Research October 19th 2011.

How to Give a Talk February 21st 2011.
Speakers: Dr. Suri & Dr. Minkoff.

2010 Events

How to Study for Qualifying Exams November 10th 2010.
Discussion facilitators: Drs. Gowda, Zweck, and Roy.

USA Science and Engineering Festival October 24th 2010.

2010 SIAM Annual Meeting July 12th--16th 2010.

How to Make a Research Poster March 3rd 2010.
Speakers: Dr. Hoffman & Dr. Rostamian.

1st Chesapeake SIAM Student Chapter Conference April 27th 2010.
SIAM President Douglas Arnold's visit.

2009 Events

Technical Writing November 18th 2009
Speaker: Ms. Sonja Follett.

How To Succeed In Grad School September 23rd 2009
Speaker: Dr. Renetta Tull.

Writing a CV/Resume April 1st 2009
Speaker: Dr. Susan Minkoff.

Choosing A Research Direction, February 11th 2009
Speakers: Dr. Matthias Gobbert, Ms. Melania Moldovan, Dr. John Zweck.

Joint Mathematics Meetings (AMS), January 9th 2009

2008 Event

Career Development, November 12th 2008
Speakers: Dr. Justin Newcomer and Dr. Bradford Peercy.

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