1st Chesapeake SIAM Student Chapter Conference


Conference Participants

Churchill, Aaron.  Graduate Student  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Alexanderian, Alen.  Graduate student  Mathamatics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Petra, Noemi.  grad student  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC. Read abstract here.

Stern, Kyle.  Graduate Student  Mathematics & Statistics,  UMBC.

Draganescu, Andrei.  Assistant Professor  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Coulibaly, Zana.  Graduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Minkoff, Sue.  Associate Professor  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Zweck, John.  Associate Professor  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Handy, Gregory.  Undergraduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC. Read abstract here.

Whitmore, Mattie.  Graduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC. Read abstract here.

Gobbert, Matthias.  Associate Professor  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Medina-Rios, Liana.  Student  Dept of Math and Statistics,  UMBC.

Clapp, Geoffrey.  Undergraduate Student  Mathematics,  UMBC. Read abstract here.

Su, Ziqiu.  Graduate Student  Mathematics,  University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Trott, David.  Graduate Student  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Peercy, Bradford.  Assistant Professor  Mathematics & Statistics,  UMBC.

Hoffman, Kathleen.  Associate Professor  Math. and Stat.,  UMBC.

Rostamian, Rouben.  Professor  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Yang, Yushu.  Graduate Student  Math & Stat,  UMBC. Read abstract here.

Paruchuru, Sai Subhash.  Student  Math,  UMBC.

Howard, Cameron.  Undergraduate  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Mason, David.  Undergraduate Student  Physics, Math,  Undergraduate Student.

Fioravante, Matt.  Student  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Wheatley, Joel.  none  none,  Student.

Xu, Yongfeng.  Phd Student  MENG,  UMBC.

Wu, Kai.  Graduate student  MENG,  UMBC.

Hardesty, William.  Undergraduate  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Keene, James.  student  Math/Stat,  UMBC.

Smith, Sam.  student  math,  UMBC.

Brown, Ashley.  Student  Math,  Undergraduate Student.

Wiater, Amanda.  Student  Math,  UMBC.

Pearlman, Aaron.  Undergraduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  Student.

Nguyen, Jennifer.  Student  Department of Mathematics and Statistics,  University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Fertig, Derek.  Student  Physics,  Student.

Staneva, Valentina.  Graduate Student  Applied Mathematics and Statistics,  Johns Hopkins University.

Hall, Melissa.  Student  Statistics,  Student.

Gerity, James.  Student  Physics,  UMBC.

Sur, Ritaja.  Graduate Teaching Assistant  Dept. of Mathematics,  University of Maryland, College Park. Read abstract here.

Miller, Thomas.  Undergraduate Student  Mechanical Engineering,  UMBC.

Lander, Elizabeth.  Student  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Guler, Osman.  Professor  Math,  UMBC.

Won, Lauren.  Student  Computer Science, Mathematics,  University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

Watkins, Bryant.  Undergraduate Student  Applied Mathematics,  UMBC.

Melara, Luis.  Assistant Professor  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

Bond, Ashley.  Student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg.

Assi, Gianni.  Student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

Reese, Amanda.  student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

Samuelson, Andrew.  Graduate Student  Mathematics,  George Mason University. Read abstract here.

Mihai, Felix.  Student  College of Science,  GMU.

Kleinschmidt, Brianne.  Undergraduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Venuti, S. Minerva.  Undergrad Student  Mathematics,  George Mason University. Read abstract here.

Clark, Cindy.  student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

Hickman, James.  Student  Math,  Shippensburg University.

Haines, Tracy.  student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

palucis, kyle.  student  mathematics,  shippensburg.

Snyder, Drew.  Student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

Rathinam, Muruhan.  Associate Professor  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Potharaju, Pavan.  Grad Student  Statistics,  UMBC.

Bell, Jonathan.  Professor  Mathematics & Statistics,  UMBC.

Gowda, Muddappa.  Professor  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Butcher, Jonathan.  TA  Math and Statistics,  UMBC.

Saraswat, Jyoti.  Graduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC. Read abstract here.

Keerikkattil, Ranjith.  Student  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Raim, Andrew.  Graduate Student  Mathematics and Statistics,  UMBC.

Robinson, Lauren.  Student  Mathematics,  Shippensburg University.

Coman, Oana.  student  Math,  UMBC.

Reed, Alan.  Student  Mathematics,  UMBC.

Seidman, Thomas.  Professor  Math/Stat,  UMBC.

Sznajder, Roman.  Professor  Mathematics,  Bowie State University.

hardy, william.  student  math,  UMBC.

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