The Men's and Women's ladders are as follows. Please remember to read the challenge rules before challenging another player for their spot. Challenge rules can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page, or clicking here.

Men's Ladder
1. Justin Lansinger

2. Mitch Zavala
3. Brian Hsiao

4. Morgan Way
5. Sergey Feldman
6. Gaurav Gopal

7. Sai Sachin Divakaruni
8. Pavan Nataraj
9. Paul Kim
10. Brandon Yen

11. Charles Puher
12. Lucas Spaeth
13. Akshay Raju
14. Thomas Elliott
15. Vikesh Patel

Group A
Rafay Syed
Jordan Bisasky
Deepak Mishra
Thomas Kolarik
Chris Yeh
Sunyup Hwang
Shubnam Handa
Jon Kim
Sabeeh Hameed
Phuoc Nguyen
Kevin Pacquing

Group B
Ray Trogun
Christopher Casto
Jeongin Cho
Sam Saxena
Kyle Sprankle
Advait Iyer
Matthew Barteau
Vincent Lu
Peter Stamboulis
Solomon Oh
Women's Ladder
1. Pallavi Bhargava

2. Lana Zhang
3. Brianne Leaf

4. Marie Nzonlielowe
5. Brittany Rhabb
6. Mary Li

7. Polly Muangrat
8. Judy Wang
9. Aditi Bhaskar
10. Aditi Thanki

11. Jaimi Yowell
12. Yoo-Jin Kang
13. Esther Cho
14. Marie Ngom
15. Cynthia Ward

Group A
Lucrece Tiengwe
Joyce Yoon
Katie Yu
Kwami Emmanuel
Helen Bui
Helen Shin

Challenge / Ladder Rules:

Please read and understand these rules before challenging any player for his/her spot!

  • You can only challenge one person at a time.
  • You can only challenge a player that is in your flight (group) or the one directly above yours. For example, Player #10 can challenge Players 7-10 (their own flight) or Players 4-6 (the flight directly above theirs.) Unranked players (not on the ladder) can only challenge the bottom-most flight.
  • Challenges must be e-mailed to the club ( We will contact both players to announce the challenge.
  • Although we will alert the player that you are challenging of your challenge, it is the responsibility of both players to contact each other and set up a time to play the challenge match.
  • Challenge matches must be played on your own time. If there are extra courts at practice, you are permitted to play your challenge match there.
  • No extensions will be given for challenges not completed in time so please challenge when you know you have time. You have one week to complete your challenge match. Otherwise, it is considered a forfeit. It is up to the Officers discretion as to who forfeits and there will be no "appeals" so please complete your match.
  • Match format must be agreed upon by both players before the start of the match. It is recommended that you play best of three sets with ad-scoring.
  • The challenger must provide a new can of balls.
  • If you challenge a higher player and lose, you are not allowed to challenge again for one week and you cannot challenge the same player again for two weeks. If you get challenged and lose you cannot challenge that person back for one week but you can challenge others.
  • Scores must be e-mailed to the club by both players.

If you have any questions or need any of these rules to be explained, please e-mail us at Happy challenging!