It is obvious to many of us that there is a strong feeling of loyalty to UMBC Crew. There is the exceptional beauty and physical challenge of rowing that creates strong bonds between all rowers that extend further to those of the UMBC rower. We were extraordinary when we rowed and we remain so. After fifteen years, UMBC Crew has reached a point where we need to be clearer about our program's goals. We need the benefit of the hindsight that so many of you undoubtedly have. What does it mean for UMBC Crew to say we are competitive? How can you, as an alumnus, put something back so as to expland the intensity of the UMBC program? How might you help us in terms of fundraising? How can you help us in terms of recruitment? We need you to see that friends and members of your own family will come to UMBC to row! Rowing remains an unknown sport to many UMBC students. All of you are testimony to the fact that the combinations of the quality of education and crew at UMBC has made you the person you are. The likely apocryphal story of Princeton applies to UMBC: "Where did you go to college?" "Princeton." "What did you do there?" "I rowed!" Rowing puts academics into perspective. Excellence as a goal, like doing the best you can in studies, is assumed by rowers. It is the sport that lifts and elevates us.

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