We are UMBC Crew

Trying to stay fit? Looking for an intense club sport? Do you still need a PE Credit?

Join UMBC Crew, a co-ed club sport here at UMBC! Learn how to row and compete against schools around the Mid-Atlantic Region. Rowing is a full body workout that makes sure you stay fit and in shape through the semester. We also offer PE Credit to those who need it.

Join the Crew Team: If you are interested in joining crew, contact Adam Destefano (adestefano11@gmail.com) or Paulo Infante (pain1@umbc.edu)

Cheer on the Crew Team: Upcoming races are posted and results will be up as quickly as possible. You can follow the crew team and cheer them on throughout the season.

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New Practice Time:

7:30-9:30PM Mon-Thu

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