Reasons to Join UMBC Crew

1 - No Previous Experience Needed
Most of our rowers first started rowing when they joined the UMBC Crew team, so having no past rowing experience is not an issue. As long as you are committed to working out and improving, you will be given the opportunity to race. You do not have to be a certain height or size to join the team. We do need coaxswains too and there is the possibility to row lightweight.

2 - Get in Shape
Rowing is a very intense sport that will get you in shape. It uses all of the body's major muscle groups including the legs, back, and arms.

3 - Be a Part of Something Great
Joining the team makes you a part of the oldest collegiate sport in America. The team is respected for its dedication to the sport and for maintaining high GPAs.

4- Travel for Races
The team travels to Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Boston to row and/or watch races.

5 - Social Events
The team has several dinners and movie nights throughout the season, and each fall season ends with an Oarsman's Ball.

6 - Time of the Day
Yes, we practice early, but that is a great benefit because it forces you to learn time management. How many other people can say they've had an intense 2 hour workout before 8 am? Oh, and the sunrises on the Harbor are pretty amazing too.

7 - Crew is the greatest team sport
It forces each teammate to push his or herself to the extreme while working together with the other rowers in the boat to row as one unit.

8 - Crew is FUN!
Just try it and you'll see...

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