FALL '12

Men Name Major Year Side Fun Fact
  Ian Barrie   Junior Coxswain  
  Conner Brentzel Computer Engineering Sophomore Port Developed software for the Data Product Engineering group while interning for NASA
Kyle Briggs Biology Freshman Port Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Alexander Buria-Hellbeck

Chemistry Junior Starboard "I eat a lot... I'm also a Violist."
Bernard Cabatit Biology Freshman Starboard "Loves long walks on the beach, midnight rows, and doesn't know how to way enough ;) "
Andrew Coffin (F)Undecided Freshman Starboard Likes cats.
  Griffin Guardala Chemistry Sophomore Bisweptual  
  Patrick Hixenbaugh     Starboard "I'm Batman"
Aaron Kauffman Computer Science Sophomore Port "Master hacker of Paulo's phone."
James Kaufman Physics Senior Starboard Guitarist
Yusuf Khan Biology Freshman Starboard Played Baseball in high school

Jason Knowles

Economics Sophomore Coxswain  
Jesse Mendez Computer Science Sophomore Port "The movie 'Argo' is about my Dad!"
  Doug Niederberger     Port  
  Patrick O'Connell   Junior Port  
Rajan Patel Bioinformatics Freshman Bisweptual "I can move my scalp."
  Michael Roberts     Starboard  
Brandon Seo Psychology/Sociology Sophomore Starboard "The (un)official bodyguard for Baby Argo (Jesse)"
Daniel Shifflet Pre-Nursing Freshman Port Can do a standing back flip.
Andrew Sippel Mechanical Engineer Freshman Port "I'm a huge car enthusiast and amateur photographer."
Jack Slettebak Computer Science Sophomore Starboard  
JT Turner Computer Science/Math Senior Bisweptual "I don't believe in the planets Saturn or Neptune."
Jay Wilcox Environmental Science Senior Starboard  
Hassaan Yousufi Biology/Economics Sophomore Bisweptual  
Kevin Yu Computer Engineering Freshman Starboard "Ardent dancer and frequent enjoyer of stroking for some cox."

Women Name Major Year Side Fun Fact
  Mehreen Awan   Sophomore Port It took her 3 tries to get her license.
Molly Bradtke English/History/Asian Studies Junior Coxswain Second-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Margie Emond Biology Sophomore Starboard Fulfilled her life-long goal of owning a crested gecko.
  Vanessa Hall   Freshman    
  Lisa Jose   Sophomore Port  
  Payton LaRoque Mechanical Engineering   Port  
  Falak Malik        
Sarah Preis Biochemistry Freshman Port "I can draw a map of Europe with countries and capitals labeled from memory."
Amanda Quinn English Literature/Political Science Freshman Starboard "Skied competitively throughout middle and high school"
Rachel Riser Biology Freshman Starboard "I am the reason why Bernard and Catman are on this team."
Mariana Triantos Spanish Senior Starboard "'Too Loud' is not in my vocabulary"