Novice Erg Workouts

Complete 2-3 erg workouts a week.

Varsity Erg Workouts

Complete 3-4 a week:

First: Perform 20 Minute Field Performance Test (20 min FPT) 20 minute pieces with pressure and rating as if it is a 5K test, this is to establish target split times. Add 10-13 seconds to average split for the above test; this is your target for the below pieces.

Weight Training

Exercises (in order) and don't forget to STRETCH before and after exercising:

Sets/reps: 3-4 sets of 12-16 reps
Perform exercises in order to complete a set; repeat 3-4 times. Rest should be no more than 2 min between exercises and 5-10 min between sets.

If you can do 15 or more reps for 2 or more sets, you need to increase your weight. If you cannot do at least 10 repetitions for 2 or more sets, you need to decrease your weight.

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