Sarah Tsay – President


Sarah’s village was once attacked by a band of renegade monkeys.  She has had a deep hatred towards all monkeys ever since.



    Jodi Chen – Vice President


                             When she was younger, Jodi used don green face paint and a robe, then proceed to hobble around and speak like Yoda.


    Amy Tsai – Secretary, BUS representative


                                                Amy caught the Humburglar in the act, but he had gotten away by the time she changed into her superhero costume. 


                       Thomas Hsu – Treasurer


                                                Thomas once blamed his twin for stealing cookies from the cookie jar.  Albert suffers deep emotional scarring from it to this day.


                       Bing Han – Historian


                                                Bing watched too much Knight Rider as a kid.  Now all he needs is some tight leather pants.


                       Michelle Fuang – Public Relations/Liaison, ASC representative


                                                Michelle still bumps her favorite song, LFO’s Summer Girls, while driving her convertible down mainstreet.


                       Wayne Chang – Official TSA slave


                                      Wayne works part time as a male stripper to pay for his education.  You can book him at a discount through TSA.