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Summer STEM

What is Summer STEM?

Frequently Asked Questions


UMBC has earned a reputation for its innovative culture, commitment to undergraduate research and excellence in STEM education. At UMBC, we help prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and health professionals to excel in their chosen fields.

Experience Summer STEM at UMBC and see why we've been named "one of America's most innovative colleges" by U.S. News and World Report for five years running.

Why should I participate in Summer STEM at UMBC?

Summer STEM at UMBC focuses on student academic success. Summer courses provide students the opportunity to stay on track, catch up, or get ahead with course work. Summer is a great time to keep concepts fresh in mind and allow efforts to be focused on one academic topic. Classes are also smaller and additional support is available for many key courses.

Who can participate in Summer STEM at UMBC?

Any student enrolled in a STEM course during the summer session is automatically part of Summer STEM at UMBC.  Students not currently enrolled at UMBC first need to apply as a visiting student.

Can high school students participate in Summer STEM at UMBC?

UMBC offers both credit and non-credit options for high school students.

Qualified high school students can get a jump start on college by enrolling in summer courses at UMBC. Most credits earned can be applied to degree programs at UMBC or are transferable to other colleges and universities. High school students must meet early admission requirements to enroll in credit courses at UMBC.

Non-credit STEM programs are also available for middle and high school students through UMBC’s Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE). A variety of one or two week programs in science, engineering, technology, arts and humanities are offered.

What is the application process for Summer STEM at UMBC?

UMBC students do not need to apply, simply register for summer courses. Students who are interested in taking a summer course for academic credit but are not currently enrolled at UMBC need to follow the information provided for Visiting Students on the UMBC Summer Session Site.

What courses are offered during Summer STEM at UMBC?

A wide selection of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science, Geography, Information Systems, Mathematics, and Statistics courses are offered during summer session.