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Biological Sciences

Syllabi & Course Descriptions

This information is provided to offer course planning assistance. While every effort is made to provide current information, the detailed course descriptions and syllabi on this website are often based on prior semesters and may not yet be updated. Current course syllabi are distributed by course instructors when summer classes begin.

Please note that there may not be a course syllabus or detailed course description for every listed course.

Course Title Previous Syllabi Detailed Course Description
Concepts of Biology BIOL 101 BIOL101
Life: Introduction to Modern Biology BIOL 109 BIOL 109
Foundations of Biology: Cells, Energy and Organisms BIOL 141 BIOL 141
Foundations of Biology: Ecology and Evolution BIOL 142 BIOL 142
Nutrition and Health BIOL 233 BIOL 233
Human Anatomy and Physiology I & Laboratory BIOL 251 &
BIOL 251 &
Human Anatomy and Physiology II & Laboratory BIOL 252 &
BIOL 252 &
Microbiology BIOL 275 BIOL 275
Microbiology Laboratory BIOL 275L BIOL 275L
Experimental Biology Laboratory BIOL 300L BIOL 300L
Molecular and General Genetics BIOL 302 BIOL 302
Molecular and General Genetics Laboratory BIOL 302L BIOL 302L
Cell Biology BIOL 303 BIOL 303
Comparative Animal Physiology BIOL 305 BIOL 305
Advanced Topics in Cell Biology BIOL 420 BIOL 420
Biological Chemistry BIOL 430 BIOL 430
Population and Quantitative Genetics BIOL 466 BIOL 466
Animal Behavior BIOL 480 BIOL 480