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Theatre at UMBC stimulates, challenges, and inspires. Students develop theatre skills under the tutelage of an internationally acclaimed faculty, whose work with students in the classroom and on the stage has resulted in seven appearances at the American College Theatre Festival at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center. The curriculum focuses on production and a unique exploration of evocative plays, both comedic and dramatic, classic and contemporary. Small class sizes and a dedicated faculty create a community focused on each student’s individual development as a person and as an artist.

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Upcoming Productions


March 27-30, 2014


By Karen Hartman
Directed by Eve Muson

PAHB Black Box Theatre

In a futuristic dystopia where girls may not venture outside their garden walls, two sisters find momentary pleasure in music and poetry--and black-market chewing gum, which is believed to undermine the virtue of traditional girls. When the older sister is discovered having sex with boys along the highway, her family takes steps to curtail her freedom forever. With mounting terror, Gum depicts the consequences of sexual awakening in a fiercely repressive culture where the title candy is contraband and every desire has its price. Mature audiences.


May 1-4, 2014

Criminals in Love

By George Walker
Directed by Colette Searls

PAHB Proscenium Theatre

An edgy modern award-winning comedy about two lust-filled teenagers in love, Gail and Junior, who are desperately trying to avoid going in the family business—crime! But money is tight, jobs are scarce, and Junior’s dad, an inept crook serving time for—well, stupidity, blackmails him into the family business. The harder the young couple strives to resist the criminal path, the weirder things get— Gail’s best friend try’s prostitution as an experimental line of work, a middle-aged homeless sage-of-odd-sorts attaches himself to Junior and worst of all Junior’s mysterious ‘former earth-mother gone to seed’ Aunt, lures the whole group into a vortex of ever stranger and more bazaar criminal schemes. Lighthearted in its absurdity, yet sweetly tragic at heart, Junior and Gail have the most modest request of life: to be together and stay out of trouble— and isn’t that a simply ridiculous romantic notion in a world of family crime? More Information