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B.A. in Acting

All students seeking a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theatre must complete the department’s core requirements as well as the requirements for a concentration in acting.

Core Requirements:
THTR 100 Introduction to Scenography [3]
THTR 104 Introduction to Costume [3]
THTR 202 Introduction to Dramatic Literature [3]
THTR 244 Script Analysis [3]
THTR 250 Introduction to Production Techniques [3]
THTR 310 History of Theatre I [3]
THTR 311 History of Theatre II [3]
THTR 410 Modern Theatre I –Social Protest [3]
THTR 411 Modern Theatre II –The Interior World [3]
THTR 460 Theatre Capstone [3]


Note: Stage management of departmental productions may be selected as a substitute for THTR 250, at the discretion of the faculty.

Additional Requirements for B.A. in Acting:
THTR 220 Craft of Acting I [4]
THTR 221 Craft of Acting II [4]
THTR 222 Vocal Training for the Actor I [3]
THTR 223 Vocal Training for the Actor II [3]
THTR 229 Movement for the Actor [3]
THTR 234 Make-up for the Stage [2]
THTR 239 Movement for the Actor II [3]


For course descriptions, please visit the online UMBC Undergraduate Catalog.