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by David Hare
December 2-12, 2004

Photo: Damon Meledones

The Department of Theatre presents Fanshen by David Hare, directed by Xerxes Mehta. A fascinating play from one of England’s greatest playwrights, David Hare’s Fanshen is, in his own words, “a play for Europe, for the West. Besides trying to explain as deftly as possible the aim and operation of land reform in China, to show how it changed souls as well as bodies, the play is much concerned with political leadership, with the relationship in any society between leadership and led.” Brutal, tender, violent, reasoned, and all-absorbing, Fanshen throws a brilliant light on the critical years in the late 1940s that gave birth to modern China by focusing on one village’s struggle to survive war, want, oppression and corruption, until it finally learns how to take control of its own destiny. Please note that this production is for mature audiences and contains violence, nudity and explicit language.

Direction: Xerxes Mehta
Set/Costume Design:
Holly Highfill
Light/Sound Design:
Terry Cobb
Vocal Direction:
Lynn Watson
Colin Holter
Susan McCully
Fight Choreographer:
Dan Curran

Additional Information: