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March 1-4, 2007

In10 Festival

In 10 Festival
Susan McCully, Artistic Director
The Finalists
Otherwise Engaged
by Ruth McKee
Direction: Lynn Watson
Costume Stylist: Laurel Haac (student)
A Girl with a Black Eye
by Ira Gamerman
Direction: Wendy Salkind
Costume Stylist: Sarah Norton (student)
The Final Movement
by Mark Young
Direction: Robert Allen
Costume Stylist: Sun Gin (student)
Festival Winner
The Edge of Ross Island
by E. M. Lewis
Direction: Robert Allen
Costume Stylist: Sarah Norton (student)
Commissioned Script
The Two Marys
by Heather McDonald
Direction: Alan Kreizenbeck
Costume Stylist: Laurel Haac (student)
Set Design(all productions): William T. Brown
Light Design(all productions): Frank Miller (student)
Sound Design(all productions): Terry Cobb

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