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PNC Bank and UMBC
University Banking Relationship Announcement
Student, Faculty & Staff Q&A


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and PNC Bank, National Association (PNC), have announced a new University Banking relationship with an emphasis on money management and financial education for all students, faculty and staff. PNC's Electronic Branch, or E-Branch, will be located in The Commons in the space previously occupied by Capital One Bank. The new location will feature on-site customer service representatives and two advanced function ATMs, capable of accepting deposits and cashing checks down to the dollar.

Q. How did the relationship between PNC and UMBC begin?

A. PNC was selected by UMBC to provide banking services for UMBC students, faculty and staff through a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process.

Q. Who is PNC?

A. PNC is one of the nation's largest banks in the U.S. based on deposits and branches, with more than 2,900 branches and 7,200 ATMs across 19 states and in Washington, D.C. - including more than 200 branches and 450 ATMs in Maryland. While considered a large regional bank, PNC's operating model focuses on local executive leadership and employees who understand that the company is only as strong as the community it serves.

Q. Why PNC?

A. PNC is a leader in University Banking and brings to UMBC a proven track record of helping to make banking easier and more convenient for more than 220 colleges and universities and their surrounding communities.

PNC shares UMBC's commitment to helping to educate students, faculty and staff on solid money management practices. PNC's on-campus presence, combined with a comprehensive set of products and services - most notably Virtual Wallet® Student - will give students and employees the tools they need to put financial education into practice in a way that fits their lifestyle and helps build their financial futures.

Q. Why did PNC want to enter into a university banking relationship with UMBC for personal banking services?

A. Since 1996, PNC has provided proven and specialized resources to meet the personal banking needs of the students, faculty and staff at more than 220 colleges and universities - and has developed long-term customer relationships along the way/

We know from experience that a banking relationship can be a very important personal and lasting connection, and we are ready to join with UMBC to help the campus community to develop successful financial habits. We are committed to helping students become well-grounded in financial literacy and to work with them as their bank through their college years and beyond.

Q. Do I have to bank with PNC?

A. No. Students, faculty and staff are free to bank with the financial institution of their choice.

Q. What are the benefits of the university banking relationship with PNC?

A. Beneficial features of the University Banking relationship include:

Q. Will PNC be available to me on campus?

A. As part of this new relationship, PNC will open a new advanced Electronic Branch, or E-Branch, in The Commons. The E-branch will be staffed with on-site customer service representatives to provide support and assistance. In addition PNC will place two Advanced Function ATMs on campus capable of accepting deposits and cashing checks down to the dollar, providing convenient and easy-to-use services designed to meet the needs of today's students.