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Remote Sensing Techniques and Applications


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This course will provide the student with an introduction to the science and applications of remote sensing and will also provide a refresher to those students having some prior exposure to the subject.  It will cover the physics and engineering concepts of remote sensing and survey a broad range of scientific, military, and commercial techniques and applications. The course is taught by a combination of UMBC faculty as well as practitioners from government and industry.

Day 1 will provide a top level introduction to remote sensing and the basic principles that impact system design and utility. Individuals wanting only a survey of the field may wish to register for the Day 1 Only option below.

Days 2 - 4 will expand on the topics surveyed on Day 1 with detailed system and data descriptions. Anyone working actively in the field will want to register for the All 4 Days option below.

Target Audience

Anyone requiring a basic understanding of remote sensing, its applications, system architectures, and associated technologies, including scientists, engineers, project managers, program managers, system analysts, and technical marketers.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • The Atmosphere and Earth Reflectance and Emissivity
  • Orbitology
  • Introduction to Passive Electro-Optical (EO) Remote Sensing
  • Introduction to Passive RF Remote Sensing
  • Introduction to Active RF Remote Sensing (RADAR)
  • Introduction to Active EO Remote Sensing (LADAR, LIDAR)

Day 2

  • Introduction to Defense Applications
  • EO Defense Remote Sensing Applications
  • Passive RF Defense Applications
  • RADAR Remote Sensing Defense Applications

Day 3

  • Survey of Environmental/Earth Systems Satellites and Their Remote Sensors
  • Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
  • Remote Sensing of Solid Earth and the Oceans
  • Remote Sensing of the Cryosophere
  • Remote Sensing of Land Surface and Biosphere

Day 4

  • Instrument and System Design Examples
  • Future Developments in Space Remote Sensing
  • Special Topic – Monitoring Environmental Hazards from Space: The Gulf Oil Spill

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