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UMBC Training Centers Success Assurance for Engineering Courses


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The following standards apply to all UMBC Training Centers instructed engineering courses beginning on 7/20/13.

Students who wish to take advantage of our Success Assurance benefit, must meet the following criteria.

  • Financial obligations have been successfully met.
  • 80% attendance (attendance in Blackboard, Adobe Connect Live Sessions).
  • 80% assignments (have completed at least 80% of their assignments, including homework, quizzes, etc.).
  • Have taken the required discipline examination for the testing period following their initial class.
  • Students must provide their examination evaluation report, indicating they did not pass the exam.

Students are eligible for our Success Assurance benefits for a period of one year (one time only) from their original class start date for the same course. The Success Assurance benefit is not applicable toward other courses of study. This privilege is extended on a space-available/stand-by basis only and cannot be absolutely confirmed until the start of the class that will be audited. Please note that should UMBC Training Centers not offer a previously attended course, benefits are no longer applicable.

Students must register as an audit before the start of the desired course. Please contact an Admissions Representative at 443-692-6600 or to register to audit a course or to get information on possible dates to audit a course.

Please note: If the course material changes or there is an upgrade in the program, students who audit are responsible for purchasing any new materials.