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Articulate Studio '09 Advanced Training - Outline

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Topics Covered

Module 1: Advanced Quizmaker

  • Using the Slide View as a Free-Form Tool
  • Creating Graphical Questions and Answers
  • Building a video quiz
  • Applying Animations to Your Questions
  • Branching within a Quiz
  • Designing a Quiz Template

Module 2: PowerPoint for Articulate users

  • Advanced PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
  • Custom animations revisited
  • Working with Graphics in PowerPoint

Module 3: Using Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

  • Create a Branching Exercise
  • Develop a Quiz without Quizmaker
  • Simulate a Roll-Over Animation
  • Using motion paths

Module 4: Creating Templates Lab

  • Using multiple slide masters to create PowerPoint backgrounds
  • Customizing the Articulate Player Template to compliment PowerPoint designs
  • Pre-build your own branching scenarios

Module 5: Flash and Other Animations

  • Inserting Animations and Interactions
  • Using Screenr® to add screen recordings to your course
  • Using Articulates Video Encoder