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Database Design


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The workshop provides a full discussion of and experience with database design. Three types of trade-offs to the data will be applied – technology, safe and aggressive tradeoffs. Safe compromises are trade-offs that will optimize the data model without compromising integrity or redundancy. An example of a safe trade-off is to partition a table. Aggressive compromises will optimize the data but may comprise data integrity. An example of this is to store redundant data. Technology trade-offs use overhead features of the DBMS, such as indices. Indices can improve query performance but can compromise maintenance performance. You will learn how to apply safe, aggressive  and technology trade-offs for optimizing the data.


To get the most out of design, it is advisable that you have an understanding of analysis, and specifically Logical Data Modeling. This can be achieved by attending our Logical Data Modeling workshop or having equivalent experience.

Target Student

  • Database Designers
  • CASE Specialists
  • Data Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Data/Database Administrators


2 Days

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