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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician

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Lesson 1: Healthcare IT Fundamentals

Topic 1A: Core Concepts in Healthcare IT
Topic 1B: EMR/EHR Issues
Topic 1C: Stakeholders, Regulations, and Standards
Topic 1D: HIPAA Controls and Compliance

Lesson 2: The Medical Environment

Topic 2A: Healthcare Organizations
Topic 2B: Medical Terminology, Equipment, and Software
Topic 2C: Medical Coding and Billing
Topic 2D: Medical Computer Interfaces

Lesson 3: Using IT in the Medical Workplace

Topic 3A: Roles and Responsibilities
Topic 3B: Manage Communication and Ethics Issues
Topic 3C: Legal Best Practices, Requirements, and Documentation
Topic 3D: Medical Document Imaging
Topic 3E: Sanitation Management

Lesson 4: Healthcare IT Technical Components

Topic 4A: Computing Essentials
Topic 4B: Networking
Topic 4C: Manage Servers and Software
Topic 4D: Hardware Support

Lesson 5: Providing Medical IT Support

Topic 5A: Set Up a Workstation
Topic 5B: Troubleshoot Basic IT Issues
Topic 5C: Troubleshoot Medical IT Issues
Topic 5D: Implementation of an EMR/EHR System
Topic 5E: Change Control

Lesson 6: Security

Topic 6A: Manage Physical and Logical Security
Topic 6B: Implement Security Best Practices and Threat Mitigation Techniques
Topic 6C: Manage Remote Access
Topic 6D: Manage Wireless Security
Topic 6E: Perform Backups and Disaster Recovery