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Introduction to Data Structures


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Course Description

This course investigates the characteristics and performance of common operations and related algorithms on a variety of data structures implemented with the C programming language. This course will examine the underlying structure of the major data structures and the performance of common operations and algorithms. The utility of data structures in various situations and factors that affect their performance will be considered.

Course Objectives

  • Analyze common operations performed on a variety of data structures using asymptotic and amortized analysis as appropriate.
  • Perform common operations on a variety of data structures using the appropriate algorithms.
  • Choose an appropriate data structure based on application requirements.

Course Topics

  • Asymptotic Analysis using Big-Oh
  • 2List ADT and implementations
  • Stacks ADT and implementations
  • Queue ADT and implementations
  • Binary Search Trees implementation, traversals and recursion
  • Priority Queues ADT and implementation
  • Hash Table ADT and implementations for collision resolution
  • Graphs ADT, traversals, shortest path, and topological sort

Course Prerequisites

Competency with the C programming language is required. Students should have good mathematical and problem solving skills.

Course Duration

5 days

Contact Information

E-mail Heith Hart or call (443) 692-6599 if you have any questions about this course or if you would like to be added to the interest or wait list.