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iPhone and iPad Security & Exploitation

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The Apple iPhone has sold 125 million units worldwide since its debut in 2007. There is no doubt that its growth will continue to expand. The iPhone uses both a different operating system than Windows, and a different chip set as well. These hardware and software differences mean that there are different vulnerabilities to be explored and secured. This course teaches the structure of the iPhone, the vulnerabilities, an overview of the hacking culture, and offers hands-on exercises. The hands-on learning labs are 100% Apple Products, including iPhones and iPhone emulators.

Topics Include:

  • Intro to Mac
  • itunes Preferences
  • Jailbreaking
  • Cydia and Cydia apps
  • Managing Cydia apps
  • iPhone File System
  • Plist Files on the iPhone
  • Daemon Files on the iPhone
  • Data Access without the Passcode
  • Xcode Apps
  • Using Our Apps on the iPhone
  • Core Location Apps
  • Other Location Technologies
  • Security and Data Transmission
  • Static and Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Voice Control Exploit
  • Spyware and Data Hijacking
  • iPhone Data Recovery
  • App Vulnerabilities
  • Passcode Hacking
  • In-line ARM Assembly and Binary Modifications
  • App Data Transmission
  • Using the iPhone as an Attack Device
  • Android on the iPhone
  • Reverse Engineering Challenge


Familiarity with computer operating systems and TCP/IP networking; some computer programming experience; experience using iPhone or iPad devices.


3 Days (and extended 5 day version is also available)

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