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Java EE 6 Programming - WebSphere 8 / RAD 8


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Programming Java web applications has been greatly simplified with the JavaServer Faces (JSF) specification. With the introduction of the most recent JSF 2.0 version this has been expanded even further to include many advanced features and solve weaknesses of previous JSF versions. Web application programmers that utilize JSF as opposed to the “traditional” Servlet/JSP model can spend more time focusing on the functionality of the application and less on the raw programming required to parse and validate request data and share data between web components. This class will show participants how to easily create quality Java web applications using all of the features of JSF.

Also covered is an introduction to Servlet/JSP technology for web applications, using EJB for business logic, JPA for persistence, and the CDI specification for dependency injection

Topics covered include:

  • Servlet/JSP
  • Web applications using JavaServer Faces
  • Various JSF page components
  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
  • Java Persistence (JPA)
  • JSR 303 Bean Validation


This class combines lecture with hands-on experience, and open ended discussion that will help the developer quickly understand how to program web applications using Java EE 6. Upon completion of the course, students will:

    Have an overview of the Servlet/JSP web technologies

    Develop web based applications using JavaServer Faces

    Develop business logic layer using EJB 3.1

    Persist data using Java Persistence (JPA)

    Use CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) to perform type-safe dependency injection of components

    Use the JSF 2.0 integration with CDI including the CDI support of "conversational" web applications

    Define standardized data validation constraints with JSR 303 Bean Validation

Target Student

Software designers, developers and programmers new to Java EE or with J2EE 1.4 or earlier experience


Participants should already have an understanding of Java programming


5 Days

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