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Java EE Design Patterns with WebSphere and RAD 7.5


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Patterns are widely accepted solutions to commonly occurring problems. For each pattern discussed in this course we outline the problem it is meant to solve and how to implement the pattern. The course is completely updated to take into account the advancements made in Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). For pattern implementation, we cover Servlet, JSF and Struts wherever appropriate.

Topics covered include:
* What are patterns?
* Presentation Tier Patterns and Best Practices
* Business Tier Patterns and Best Practices
* Integration Tier Patterns and Best Practices
* Messaging Patterns
* Security patterns and best practices
* Web services patterns

Target Student

Senior programmers and architects who need to develop Java EE applications for commercial use or for which security, reliability, and maintainability levels need to be placed above the typical level for trivial or throw-away applications.


Students are expected to have a strong understanding of Java programming and web application programming. More than cursory knowledge of the Java EE specification (at least EJB, JMS) is recommended.


5 Days

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