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Introduction to Java Programming


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This introductory course provides a thorough step-by-step introduction to Java programming, laying a firm foundation for further study. The course introduces object-oriented concepts early, emphasizing simple classes without inheritance. The last chapter introduces inheritance and polymorphism, along with interfaces and collections.

This revision of the course targets the 6.0 version of the Java language and Core API; but it is equally applicable to Java 5 and groups looking for Java training who know they'll be using Java 5 are encouraged to use this course.

Learning Objectives:
* Learn the basic principles of object-oriented programming
* Learn the essentials of the Java programming language
* Acquire the skills needed to design, code and debug computer programs in the Java language

Target Student

This course is intended for programmers with some previous experience programming in languages such as COBOL or Visual Basic who may not have experience with C or C++.


Good general problem solving skills. Some previous experience programming in a procedural language is essential.


5 days


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